The Loft


Private Rental Space

Wedding parties, Bachelorette parties, Prom, Quinceañera, Reunion parties, Birthdays, Girls' night out, and more!

Services Available

Hairstyling, including Special Occasion Hair, Make-up, Massages, Facials, and more.

Loft Rental

Starts at $200 and can accommodate up to 8-12 comfortably.


  • Host
  • Your choice of music
  • Stocked coffee bar
  • Bottled water
  • Tables (up to 2)
  • Clean up
  • May bring your own food and beverages or have event catered (Guests must be 21 and up for alcoholic beverages)
  • Decorations on approval
  • Wifi
  • Cell phone charging areas

Call 281-487-6311 to book!


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